High Rise Seed Bank standard Strain Review: Afghan Kush By World Of Seeds

Strain Review: Afghan Kush By World Of Seeds

Hailing from the Hindu Kush mountain range which straddles the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghan Kush’s genotype has been perfected over centuries of growth. Afghan Kush is essentially the best source of charas and sticky black forms of Afghani hash. This means it is a very versatile plant, as it is also a top-quality smoke and stone as simply bud.

No longer can this plant only be found on the peaks of the Hindu Kush, however, World of Seeds has made it available to be grown by one and all, no venturing towards the expanses of Eastern mountains necessary. Thank the Lord for the good guys at World of Seeds for allowing everyone to be able to experience the wondrous plant that is Afghan Kush!

Afghan Kush is a brilliant relaxer, imbuing the user with a powerful, sleepy high which works brilliantly medicinally and also simply for recreational purposes it also works great. It has been proven to help those who generally have minor trouble sleeping as well as those with severe insomnia, or you could even use it if you simply want an early night so you can get up in the morning, it will probably give you a pretty good and deep sleep which should hopefully make you feel fresh as a daisy in the morning.

In terms of the flavor pallet, Afghan Kush exudes a natural earthy and woody flavor with hints of spice. I enjoy flavors such as this one, but it may dry out your mouth somewhat, so best to keep a drink to hand when you’re smoking some Afghan Kush.

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