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Blueberry Auto Flower Feminized Seed:

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Blueberry auto flower feminized seed is a strain of Marijuana containing 85% Indica and 15% Sativa which makes it more or less an Indica-dominent plant. It can be grown both outside and inside and has a very high CBD and a medium THC. Blueberry auto flower has an average flowering period of 55 days and fairly a compact plant getting as tall as 32 inches which makes space management easier. Blueberry is a heavy yield and easy to grow Indica which is perfect for garden. This strain will have both male and female plants.
Blueberry auto flower feminized seeds grow up to offer to offer medicinal benefits as well. Due to high level of CBD which is 2%, Blueberry is especially useful for medicinal purposes. It can give you relief from stress, migraines and headache and can relive anxiety and depression and bipolar disorder. It stimulates appetite in the people dealing with eating disorder. Smoking it at the end of the day is the best choice because it gives a sleepy vibe to the user. Muscles spam, Nausea and Cramps are often treated with Blueberry Marijuana.
Blueberry Auto-Flowering receives its name after a fruit and has a fruity flavor. You can find an intense berries flavor, which will delight all those who taste it. The pungent and tasty flavor is the dream of every smoker and has a really fantastic effect. It has sweet, fresh smell and a very strong earthy, pine scent and is ideal choice after a hard day work. It makes the body completely relaxed which makes the Blueberry the perfect choice to smoke after a hard day work.
Blueberry is an Auto-Flowering strain. It means that after a certain amount of time, it will automatically enter the flowering phase. So for indoor growers, there is no need to change the light schedule at all. For outdoor growers, it can be harvested in the middle of the summer season and you could even plant another harvest after that. If growing indoor, place the seed in a location with indirect light. Do not let the soil dry out completely because it can kill the seeding. If growing outside, cover the seed lightly with peat moss or soil. The seeds can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, so don’t give up if the seeds are taking too long.

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