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Amnesia Autoflower by Dinafem

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Original Amnesia Autoflower by Dinafem one of latest Dinafem seeds which is Sativa dominant. It is the progeny of the crossing of original amnesia and haze auto. This autoflowering seed allows you to obtain high quality and yield even in harsh climate conditions. Original Amnesia autoflower by Dinafem is easy to grow, medium sized plant that produces large, dense buds covered in resin and contains 70% Sativa and 30% Indica.

Original Amnesia autoflower turns to be mature more progressively and it might take 80 days from seed to harvest. Indoor she can grow to about 1-1.2 meters and outdoor she can reach 1.5 meters. THC levels are medium at 9-13% and CBD level is low.

Indoor growers can yield up to 75-150g per plant production. Outdoor cultivation can bulk up yields to as much 250g per plant. Original Amnesia autoflower is easy to grow indoor reduced spaces as well as in outdoor areas. Indoor and outdoor harvest time is from early April to late October. Indoor you have to monitor the plant it gets really big, in good conditions.

Original Amnesia autoflower has an intense flavor and aroma. It smells like incense and the effect is very cerebral and strong which makes it different from other autoflowerings. Her taste and aroma gives delicious hints of lemon, cedar, haze and incense. It would be better to give moderate levels of EC because it gives perfect flavor when given medium level of nutrients.

The effect of Original autoflower Amnesia is similiar to the original strain. Cerebrally potent, physically relaxing and stimulating at first. It is good from therapeutic because it stimulates appetite and alleviates both muscles tension and depression. Those who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and migraines will find that their symptoms are greatly reduced as a result of using this lemon spiced superstar.

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