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Alien Sour Diesel Auto is a new Cannabis Strain just released by Geordie Seeds. Watch out for this one as it is super potent and highly sedative. You may well feel like Aliens have landed after you smoke this fine herb. Warning not for the novice smoker.

Genetics are highly complex and Geordie Seeds are very proud of obtaining the parents to make this cross. Genetics are the elusive Alien Technology x OG Kush (Tahoe cut) x Sour Diesel. This Strain has been on the breeding schedule now for over two years and it is finally perfected and ready for the market. Geordie Seeds believe you will not get a better Alien Cannabis Strain anywhere else. Then on top of that Alien Sour Diesel Auto is an Autoflowering plant so harvests are quicker and you can grow more per year.

Alien Technology is a Strain descending from Afghanistan. A US soldier brought this pure Landrace Strain home with him and introduced it to America. Geordie Seeds managed to pick up some Seeds that breeder OBSoul33t distributed. A pure Indica Strain that is super frosty and carries a spicy fuel like taste. The high obtained off Alien Technology is surprisingly upbeat for a pure Indica. An ideal parent in every-way for Alien Sour Diesel Auto.

Combining Alien Technology with OG Kush and Sour Diesel knocks the upbeat high down and makes this cross highly sedative ideal for deep relaxation and chilling out. The taste and smell is super strong and reminiscent of fuel, lemons and a spicy almost peppery kick. She will grow to a medium height of around 1.2 metres and her Indica influence will guarantee a bushy plant that produces the finest rock hard buds.

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