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AK47 X White Widow


White Widow X AK Early Version is a genetic blend that comes from crossing AK 47 with White Widow and Secret Hybrid, thus achieving an F1 hybrid. It has a very short flowering period because in only 7 weeks, we will obtain plants of medium height but with a distinctive and robust size that will provide us with dense and caked buds loaded with abundant resin, ideal to make hashish concentrations.

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Greenbud Seeds – White Widow x AK Early Version

Fast flowering feminized light dependent version of this legendary strain. White Widow X AK is an Indica dominant strain of average height, a compact, vigorous and robust plant that produces thick buds laden with large amounts of resin. Her elegance makes her a feast for the eyes during the last stage of her flowering period. When grown indoors, White Widow can produce yields of 500 g/m2. She has a potent, lasting, well-balanced effect and an outstanding pungent aroma. Her flavour is sweet, full of fresh hardwood notes and the best quality hash. She is highly appreciated for her high therapeutic value.

Seed type: feminized –F1 Hybrid
Hybrid : 70% Indica, 30% Sativa
Flowering time: 50 days
Yield: 300-500 g/m2 indoor
Effect: cerebral, relaxing
Flavour: woodsy, sweet, hash
THC: 20%

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