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Royal AK is simple to cultivate the plant, causing it to be the most popular because of her exceptional trait. Otherwise known as AK 47, it has time and again been imitated or expended by other seed companies for crosses. Kalashnikova is a cross of AK weed with white widow. It offers an incredibly pure high at the same time as providing the fervent, enduring Indica outcome

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Especially considering this is an unbelievably fast autoflowering seed! There’s nothing watered down or mild mannered about this AK Auto. She’s a natural-born killer!

And, you don’t even have to work your cute little bum off to squeeze all the goodness out of these 100% feminizedseeds. They’re incredibly simple without any special requirements – and they’re as productive as a herd of rabbits during spring mating season.

  • Fully Automatic – Extremely Simple
  • Maximum Power – You Will Be Impressed!
  • Incredible Flavour, Strong Effects

But, no fluffy bunny could possible offer Automatic AK Female’s clean, citrusy tang or brilliant high – no matter how cuddly they may be.

Here’s some science now, so sit back and concentrate. The Auto AK is known to apparently have the highest concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) . Our weed seeds are the most stable and homogenised ones on the market which guarantees you, the customer, safety and quality.

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