Baccto Professional Planting Mix (2.2 cu. ft.)




Mix Characteristics Include:
pH-stable horticultural sphagnum peat and perlite
Lime addition for high-capacity buffering
A balanced blend of major and minor elements and wetting agent
Excellent air porosity and high moisture reserve
“Grower friendly” composition that’s easy to handle
Outstanding “shelf life” after leaving the greenhouse

Recommended Applications:
Bedding plants
Potted plants
Foliage crops
Hanging baskets
Nursery crops
Seedling starting
Filling planters and window boxes
Repotting plants
Ground and raised beds
Rooting cuttings
Pre-moistened sphagnum peat
Coarse perlite
Dolomitic limestone
Balanced blend of major and minor elements
Wetting agent

Nutrient and pH Buffering
Pre-Moistened Sphagnum Peat
Air Porosity and Drainage
Water Holding
Low Cost
Light Weight
Easy Handling
Low Run-Off

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Weight 13 kg


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