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Growing marijuana seed:

Growing marijuana seed both  Indoor and Outdoor is fun and can be a useful experience and inexpensive but challenging as well. A grower with first time experience may find it costly but for the growers with small outdoor gardens, it can be much rewarding. If there is a little sunny spot available, it is possible to get a good yield of cannabis. Marijuana is a hardy plant which can be grown both inside and outside as well and inexpensive way to get a good quality product. No matter you are an indoor out outdoor grower, a sheer volume of information can be overwhelming. There are different factors you need to consider if you are a first grower. Though the law, limitations, and regulations are different for every country, however almost all the states allow home cultivation to some extent.
There are different steps you need to consider either you are an indoor or outdoor grower.

Where to Grow:

Before growing Marijuana seed actually, you must decide whether you are growing it indoor or outdoor. If you have a place outside, and a sunny spot is available then you can grow the seed outside. However, it is also possible to grow in your home with a little effort. For indoor growing, there should be a suitable space in which to grow it. It can be a spare room, a cabinet, or maybe a basement.

Choosing the Seed:


Cannabis includes three species
• Sativa
• Indica
• Ruderails
Sativa can produce a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and usually grows in sunnier climates where there are 12 hours of daylight and it usually grows tall. Sativa can produce a high amount of yield. The flowering period is 12-16 weeks
Indica belongs to the region of Sub-Continent in “Khush Mountains”, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Indica can usually handle colder climates and tend to grow short. The flowering period is usually 7-10 weeks.
Ruderails is a subspecies of Cannabis which is considered to be a mixture between Sativa and Indica. Ruderails is thought to originate from Central Asia. The flowering period is about 6-8 weeks.
There are hundreds of Strains to choose from. So it becomes difficult to pick the right Strain especially if you are Growing marijuana seed first time. It would be advisable to get Indica Strain as they have a short flowering period. While buying the Seeds from the Retailer you should find the percentage of THC. However, Seeds themselves do not contain THC. It’s just an estimation but this estimation is pretty accurate.
Consider the price factor. Most expensive Cannabis Seeds are not necessarily the best quality. As a beginner, it would be advisable to look for a product that has the best quality, yet it is affordable.

Cannabis Requirements:

In order to get the best yield, Cannabis requires some fundamental things

Growth Medium:
Soil is necessary for organic growers. If you decide to plant directly in the ground, you’ll need to understand the soil composition. However, growing is also possible without Soil. Aeroponics, or deep water culture do not use mediums at all.


Cannabis require fresh air moving for proper growth. There is no problem for outdoor growers because plant always exposes breeze and gale alike. Indoor plants need fresh air, stale air exhaust and a fan for air movement.

Humidity is an important factor in plant growth because dry conditions can slow down the process of plant growth. Ideal humidity levels of humidity for perfect growth are 40 to 60 percent.


Lighting is an important factor for indoor growers. Artificial light poses many challenges for Indoor growers. During dark periods, light leaks which confuse your plants. It is a good idea to choose the best lighting setup in order to get the best quality and quantity. The plant typically remains under the regime of 16-24 hours of light and 0-8 hours of darkness from germination to growth. However, Cannabis requires 13 hours of light to remain in the vegetative stage.
Cannabis plants need water depending on factors such as age, size, and stage of the growth of the plant. For the area in regular rainfall, plants get all they need from nature. Large plants need more water. For large plants, you need to supply water between rains but beware of the fact that giving too much water to the plants can kill the plants.
Cannabis can survive in both heat and cold well but it may not function well in extremes. The optimal temperature range in day time for the Cannabis plant is 24 to 30 C. This is easy to manage Indoors with fans, heating, and cooling mates. Outdoor you need to know your particular climate well. This is unwanted to risk your plants going into flowers immediately.
Cannabis plants need nutrients to grow up. These nutrients are the mixture of three elements, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N, P, and K are the symbols for these elements). Optimal nutrition helps Cannabis to grow fast but it can cause distraction in less experienced growers. Watering with compost tea and other organic mixes like molasses or feather meals improve soil quality and encourage healthy plant growth.
Seeds sprout and roots emerge in the process of germination. Seeds need the right conditions to grow and they won’t germinate until three specific needs are met. Water, temperature, and good location. After two to four days, the two circular leaves called cotyledons to emerge which marks the beginning of the seeding stage.
Seedling Phase:

The seedling phase starts when the seed coat exposes the root and cotyledons. It requires moderate humidity levels and adequate soil mixture. It is recommended to use fluorescent light or T5 florescent lights as they produce little heat.  Large amounts of radiant heat can quickly dry out the seedlings with their small root systems.

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