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Coping with loss of cannabis

Running out of marijuana is something which has affected all of our lives at some point, and if it hasn’t already then it definitely will do, and when this does happen there are a number of ways in which you should and should not react. Chances are you will be sufficiently high have you just run out of weed, it’s a different problem if you’d ran out days ago and are too strapped for cash, so therefore you should be fine for a good couple of hours, however, should you start to come down from your high chances are you will want more weed to top yourself back up.

In this situation there are generally two, possibly three, problems you will encounter. The first problem is being too high to meet your dealer again, this may sound ridiculous but it does happen, you may not want to physically move or you may not enjoy even entertaining the idea of going outside. Also meeting a drug dealer can generally be a long and drawn out task, has anyone ever met a dealer who’s been less than 10 minutes late? I can’t remember the last time I did. If this isn’t your problem then perhaps you have run out of money, you thought an eighth would last you the full night but you’ve been pretty liberal with the amount you’ve put in each joint. It was your last bit of money which you thought would go a lot further than it has.

If you have done either, do not break down and cry or have any other sort of breakdown, that is not the way to react, it will stress you out more. If you have ran out of money then you must refrain from asking your dealer for a lay on, it’s never a good idea, just ask your mates to front you a bit of cash. Along the same lines, if you’re not feeling like walking, then just ask if your mate will walk with you to keep you company (might seem a bit childish but we’ve all been there) or if you’re feeling really cheeky ask them to go instead of you.

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