High Rise..

High Rise Seed Bank is among some of the fastest growing cannabis breeders in Europe. We provide a wide range of feminized, autoflowering, and medical seeds at affordable prices with fast and discreet shipping.

The production of seed is a multibillion-dollar business, which uses growing facilities and growing locations worldwide. While most seed is produced by large specialist growers, large amounts are produced by small growers that produce only one to a few crop types. We supply seed both to commercial resellers and wholesalers. The resellers and wholesalers sell to vegetable and fruit growers, and to companies who package seed into packets and sell them on to the amateur gardener.

Some advantages of High Rise Seed Bank seeds:
–    No imitations. No knockoffs.
–    We guarantee the quality of your seeds. If they are of poor quality, they
will get replaced. The breeder may also get removed from our website.
–    All seeds are tested in detail to guarantee their genetic purity.
–    Don’t worry; you’ll get your seeds. We stake our reputation on it.
–    All cannabis seeds are hand-picked.
–    We only keep powerful qualities like Haze or white species.
–    All seeds come directly from organic mothers.
–    Our seeds are tested daily to guarantee their “germinating strength”.
–    Our cannabis seeds are vacuum packed.
–    The seeds are packaged in highly-resistant packages.

Why High Rise Seed Bank?
Our customers are our top priority. We want to make premium quality genetics available both for medicinal and recreational use.